The Improv Resource Center is located in Chicago, the home of long form improvisation. We offer classes in improv comedy and sketch writing.

Learn to Improvise!

At the IRC, we believe that improvisation is a craft that can be learned. We help our students assemble and practice a process that can be applied to any scene. We break down improv into learnable skills that can be mastered and applied to scene work. A good improviser should be as confident in their process as a weaver is in making rugs or a carpenter in building houses. You can learn the steps, and with practice master how to consistently generate good scenes, and sometimes great ones.

Take a class

We have switched our focus to personal improv coaching for individuals, small groups and larger teams. We still offer classes in Chicago and elsewhere occasionally. You can see what we offer on the classes page.

What is the Improv Resource Center

The IRC was founded by Kevin Mullaney in the mid 1990s. The online presence of the IRC includes the forums, the wiki, a podcast and a news site.